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Everything you need to know about Wilson’s game-changing new tennis racket.

If you are haven’t played tennis in a while and are wondering about the latest and greatest in tennis rackets, look no further. The Clash racket line came out in early 2019 and quickly became the #1-selling tennis racket in the world. Let’s take a look at what makes this racket so unique, and why players around the world are responding with a resounding “whoa.”


For the last few decades, tennis racket manufacturers (including us) have been obsessed with creating a racket with the perfect blend of power and control. You’ve heard it over and over: power and control; power under control; controllable power; powerful control. There are only so many ways to say it and honestly, we all probably spent more time talking about what to call it than how to do it! 

That is, until 2016 when we took a step back and asked ourselves, “what are players really looking for?” To answer this question, we put together a project team with the goal to develop a tennis racket that would make all other rackets obsolete. We’re talking wood to graphite-level innovation. The result was Clash, a racket more flexible (flex equates to control) than any other racket made before, but that still maintained the same level of stability (stability equates to power) as the most stable racket available.  This was truly game-changing because up to that point, you had to sacrifice some power if you wanted more control, and vice versa. It was a give-get situation…a balance. With Clash, we were able to find a way to lay up the carbon (fibers that make up the frame) to create high levels of both power and control. No sacrifice necessary.

The other new and unique piece to Clash is the way it flexes, or “bends.” Previously, new frames had been engineered by decreasing torsional bending (increases power) or increasing horizontal bending (increases control). With Clash, we came at it from a new, third angle. We increased the vertical bending of the frame. Why? Because while working with players, we realized that the amount of topspin used these days has made the modern swing more and more vertical. So why not design a racket that bends both horizontally (for traditional swings) AND vertically (for modern swings)? A racket that bends with any swing style, providing added performance under any condition. That’s Clash.

Click here to learn more about the technology behind Clash from Wilson LABS.


Clash is our most broadly-appealing tennis racket line…whether you’re just learning the game or have been competing in tournaments for years, there is a Clash racket designed to take your game to the next level with the ultimate blend of control, power, and comfort. Below are the models and our recommended player type for each:


Clash 100
Clash 100 is the most popular and wide-appealing frame in the franchise. This frame is designed for players ages 16 and up who are looking for a racket that will give them the best in power, control, and comfort. Whether you are just learning the game or playing league tennis, Clash 100 will make you feel like you can’t miss.
Clash 100 Pro
Clash 100 Pro is a heavier version of the Clash 100. It is designed for more experienced players who can manage the weight and are looking for a little more plow-through on their shots. We’d recommend this frame for current and former college-level players, as well as adult males playing 4.5 or 5.0.
Clash 100L
Clash 100L is a slightly lighter version of the Clash 100 and is designed for junior players ages 14 to 16 as they transition up in weight. This racket is also great for new adult players looking for a slightly lighter frame to increase their racket head speed.
Clash 100UL
Clash 100UL is a great first full-size racket for junior players ages 12-14 either just learning the game or starting to compete in tournaments. Clash is a great first racket because it will help new players learn the modern, vertical swing.

Similar to our Ultra line, we’ve designed the Clash line to have three 100-square-inch rackets of varying weights so that these players can increase the weight of their frame as they get older and their muscles develop without losing the familiar feeling they’re used to in their racket. The Clash 100UL is the first in that tiered weighting approach.

Clash 108
One of the least talked about benefits of Clash is comfort. Because Clash is so flexible, it is also really comfortable. Clash 108 is the best example of this, and it’s the frame we’d recommend to senior adult players looking for the best combination of comfort, power, and control.
Clash 98
Clash 98 is our tour-optimized version of Clash, and is designed for experienced players who bring their own power and want as much control as possible from their Clash frame.
Clash 26” & 25”
Clash 26” and Clash 25” are our two junior-sized models. These rackets are made with the same carbon fiber performance as our adult models, therefore making the transition that much easier when young players are ready for a full-sized racket. We’d recommend the 25” for ages 8-10 and the 26” for ages 10-12.


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Wilson was awarded a patent by the US Patent Office for Clash. According to the patent, Wilson is the only racket manufacturer that can make a tennis racket that bends vertically by 6mm or more. 
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